The project is designed to transfer school meals to cashless payment (school card payments) and to automate the accounting of meals in school buffets and canteens.

E-Canteen is a software and hardware suite for providing non-cash payment for meals in school canteens and accounting of sold meals and pantry products.


  • The changing-over to a full cashless payment for all meals in the school canteen;

  • Making transparent the use of parental and budgetary funds allocated to school meals;

  • Eliminate the possibility of misuse of funds by students allocated by parents for school meals;

The project solves the following tasks:

  • ensuring the targeted use of money allocated to students by their parents;

  • automation of the payment process for students without using cash;

  • accounting and control of cash allocated to students;

  • increase the speed of service for students;

  • counting the number of people who eat;

  • accounting and plaining of product orders based on sales data;

  • accounting and control of product decommissioning based on sales data;

  • organization of a personal menu for different categories of people who eat.

Date of publication: 21.05.2018