Most magic weapons and armor gain their enhancements from potent eldritch Runes etched into them. Type knapsack of halflingkind; Level 9; Price 675 gp; Type greater knapsack of halflingkind; Level 13; Price 2,850 gp. Benefit(s) You gain an item bonus to Arcana, Crafting, Lore, Occultism, and Society checks and all checks to Recall Knowledge. Activate The number of actions needed to Activate the Item appear here, followed by the components in parentheses. Applying this filmy salve to a creature helps it overcome magical paralysis. You gain a +1 item bonus to Society checks and the ability to understand, speak, and write the chosen language. Club You can knock the target up to 15 feet away. Type major Resilient; Level 20; Price 49,440 gp. The pendant must be attached to the chest area or on a shoulder guard. You gain a +1 item bonus to attack rolls. The gleaming holy avenger is the iconic weapon of powerful paladins. While all elixirs follow the same general rules, mutagens (described below) have additional rules that apply to their use. This strand of ordinary-looking prayer beads glows with a soft Light and becomes warm to the touch the first time you cast a divine spell while holding it. Any creature that fails is deafened for 1 round, or 1 hour on a critical failure. | Fudge SRD When you activate the pendant, you gain a +2 status bonus to the Athletics check to Shove, and if you roll a critical failure on the check, you get a failure instead. If you can’t provide the components, you fail to Activate the Item. Activate 10 minutes (command, envision, Interact); Effect As you activate the pack, you can harness up to four willing creatures to the ropes on the pack. The shield has Hardness 3, HP 12, and BT 6. 609 2.0 Price 1,200 gp The eyepiece grants a +2 item bonus and can be activated. Weapons can be crafted from Precious materials or infused with magic to grant them powerful and unusual abilities. The bonus to rolls is +4, the bonus to Speed is +20 feet, and the duration is 1 hour. Standard-grade items can be used to create magic items of up to 15th level and can hold Runes of up to 15th level. No one can prepare more than one staff per day, nor can a staff be prepared by more than one person per day. Pathfinder 2e ranger; 2008 gmc duramax starter; Intel p4610 endurance; Wall stencils; Thomas and friends games track repair; Nvidia above 4g decoding; E250 mercedes bluetec; Opera mini facebook waptrck download. The save DC is 34, and the deafness is permanent. It takes 1 day (instead of the 4 days usually needed to Craft) to transfer a Rune or swap a pair of Runes, and you can continue to work over additional days to get a discount, as usual with Craft. If you’re a dwarf, a dwarven thrower functions for you as a +2 greater Striking returning warhammer with the thrown 30 feet trait, and your attacks with the hammer deal 1d8 additional damage against giants. Many suits of magic armor are created by etching Runes onto them. Usage etched onto a piercing or slashing melee weapon Weapons with wounding Runes are said to thirst for blood. Mindfog mist can be used to undermine spellcasters, as its effect on a victim’s mental faculties are swift and powerful. This shimmering green scale is usually attached to a golden clasp or chain. This liquid contains blood from a certain type of dragon. Activate [free-action] envision; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain 1 Focus Point, which you can spend only to cast an order spell. Many types of tanglefoot bag also grant an item bonus on attack rolls. Activate [two-actions] Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You can play the instrument to produce the effects of a charm spell. The most rare and valuable skymetal, orichalcum is coveted for its incredible time-related magical properties. If an item lists “Cast a Spell” after “Activate,” the activation requires you to use the Cast a Spell activity to Activate the Item. For example, a property that must be applied to a slashing weapon wouldn’t function when you attacked with a fist, but you would gain its benefits if you attacked with a claw or some other slashing unarmed attack. Stage 4 unconscious with no Perception check to wake up (1d4 hours). Craft Requirements The initial raw materials must include 320 gp of rhinoceros hide (a common material). You’re also protected from extreme and incredible heat. Activating a feather token causes it to transform into another object, which then can be used as normal for that object. Drawback(s) You take a –2 penalty to weapon and unarmed attack rolls, Athletics checks, and Acrobatics checks. This section presents the rules for how characters use alchemical items, magic items, and other special items during play. There are a wide variety of items you can wear. Onset This entry appears if the item’s effect is delayed, which most often occurs with alchemical poisons. Зменшення кількості нових лабораторно підтверджених випадків захворювання на covid-19 у Хмельницькій ОДА пояснюють тим, що у вихідні сімейні лікарі та мобільні бригади, які збирають аналізи, не працюють. If activated elsewhere, it withers and dies within 1d4 days. Darkwood is a very Lightweight wood found primarily in oldgrowth forests; it is dark as ebony but has a slight purple tint. Crafting in Pathfinder 2e is more accessible than ever before. The lions can be called on only once per day, and they remain in lion form for no more than 1 hour. Made from interlocking plates of silver and gold, this heavy belt bears stylized miniature images of five kingly dwarves. You gain a +3 item bonus to checks to Recall Knowledge, regardless of the skill. Craft Requirements You are a cleric who worships the deity tied to the cassock. When the ampoule’s effect ends, you sink, fall, break through flimsy ground, or land on pressure plates as normal for your current location. The bomb deals 1d4 Sonic damage and 1 Sonic splash damage, and the DC is 17. Through is +2. When you activate this talisman, the creature you’re attacking becomes flat-footed until the end of the current turn. The bonus on Will saves is +3, or +4 against fear. Numerous varieties of the necklace of fireballs exist. Craft Requirements Supply a casting of fireball (6th level), and the initial raw materials must include 12,375 gp of orichalcum. Sonic damage dealt by this weapon ignores the target’s Sonic resistance. Columbia River Knife and Tool 2910 Hisshou Knife. Activate [one-action] command; Requirements You are a master in Perception. A wand’s base statistics are the same unless noted otherwise in a special wand. On a failure, the stone permanently turns into a dull gray aeon stone. Activate [one-action] Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You tighten the belt one notch to gain a regeneration effect. If you roll a success on a save against fear, you get a critical success instead. It deals 1d6 electricity damage and 1 electricity splash damage. The DC of the Crafting check to transfer a Rune is determined by the item level of the Rune being transferred, and the Price of the transfer is 10% of the Rune’s Price, unless transferring from a Runestone, which is free. A shimmering liquid, nectar of purification is often stored in bottles similar to those used for vinegar. The item bonus is +2, and the darkvision lasts until you rotate the lenses back or the item is no longer invested by you, whichever comes first. Applying this oil to an item casts a 2nd-level mending spell to repair the item. This information appears in the item’s Activate entry. After receiving the message, the bird flies off to deliver it, traveling at 30 miles per hour and then searching for the target in the location you provided. When you roll a success on a Will save against a mental effect, you get a critical success instead, and your critical failures on Will saves against mental effects become failures instead. Upon drinking this elixir, you regain the listed number of Hit Points and gain an item bonus to saving throws against diseases and poisons for 10 minutes. While wearing the armor, you can attack with the helmet’s horns. While wearing the goggles, you gain a +1 item bonus to Perception checks involving sight. An item’s level indicates what level of adventurer the item is best suited for. The end of this wand is forked instead of tapered. The spaces between your fingers and toes become webbed, granting you a swim Speed of 20 feet for the listed duration. This token can be activated only on an unoccupied patch of earth or soil.

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